Architect: Biuro Architektoniczne DDJM

Building: a multifunctional complex: office, hotel, residential and commercial buldings
Location: by the Mogilskie Roudnabout near the Main Railway Station, Kraków
Area: ca. 50,000 sqm

Complex - the Unity Tower (previously known as Szkieletor) is one of the most recognised buildings, permanently fixed into the landscape of Krakow. For years, city's residents followed the stories behind the Krakow's most famous skyscraper.

The building's height is an undeniable advantage of this joint project by GD&K Group and Verity Development - it is the only building over 100 meters located in the historical city centre of Krakow, exceeding even the tower of St. Mary's Church. It should also be noted that Unity Centre will remain the only project in central Krakow that will be able to get to that height.