GD&K Group's experience of more than 18 years allows us to successfully offer a variety of investment services that can be optimally tailored to the different needs of investors and clients. Comprehensive servicing of construction/development investments provided by GD&K Group according to the ‘’One stop shop’’ philosophy focuses on: architectural design, project management, legal and financial services, as well as leasing/commercialization. The proven contracting and project management experience utilized by GD&K Group together with the active participation in the investment process led to a situation where now every step taken or service offered is business-orientated.

GD&K Group supervises and coordinates all of its investments at all their stages. Thanks to this valuable in-house know-how, the Group is able to successfully coordinate procedurally and legally advanced investment processes while applying the highest class contracting standards (i.e. FIDIC type construction works contracts), cooperation agreements or lease agreements - the value add of the services provided by GD&K Group. Coordination of this entire process by GD&K allows to minimize procedural, legal, technological and financial risks while optimizing time required to finalize the investment.
We are able to offer our external clients the below mentioned services (or subsets of them, as required by the project’s needs):

New project analysis (due diligence, feasibility study) - an analysis of the investment’s options including the risk analysis with a recommendation of a preferred scenario.

Real estate acquisition - handling of the purchase transaction closing, forming an SPV as required by the investment.


      An architectural-construction design - a design concept (several scenarios) to be selected by the investor. Needed to obtain a building permit.

      Building/demolition permit - obtaining a full set of permits, consents, opinions required by law to start a building/demolition process.

      5) Tender offer ready design - a multi-discipline design, basis for construction contractors invited to the tender process.

      Contract tender offer - most often performed in the general contractor formula.

      Construction – investor supervision over the building contract (acting in the capacity of the contract engineer in compliance with the FIDIC type contracts).

      Execution specifications - a detailed supplement to the design needed for the tender offer.

9) Financing assistance - financing needs depend on an individual investment.

Commercialization - developing and executing sale or lease strategies.

Interior design - in majority of cases, premises need to be adapted to the needs of tenants or buyers (the specific future user).

Investment settlement - a summary report outlining total costs of the completed investment.