GD&K Group has a dynamic in-house team of architects and designers specializing in modern architecture and interior design, with many years of experience in Polish and foreign studios. The team aims to combine creativity and business focus when it comes to design.

Office, retail and residential projects prepared to the highest standards and matching Investors' expectations are the backbone of the GD&K Group’s design practice. The type of projects/services offered can be characterized as follows:

    - cost efficient and well though-out architectural concepts,
    - construction designs – as required to obtain the necessary building permits,
    - tender offer designs – that allow for detailed pricing of construction works,
    - working plans and specifications – to enable correct tracking of the construction works progress.

GD&K Group also permanently cooperates with creative designers who can add fresh and out-of-the-box ideas to projects as well as with experienced and proven team of engineering consultants.

‘An architect’s work, done in a proper manner, is about translating quite simple human needs into the complicated language of construction. Our large team of employees, specializing in different fields, ponder over how to create real home-like working conditions for the people who will be using a given office. This is a very difficult task because we have to give very building of ours a character that will truly match its surroundings and, at the same time, will make it fully convenient and in line with the economic assumptions of all the stakeholders – tenants, their employees, neighbors and investors. It is like an equation with many variables that must be solved for each investment individually.’

Szymon Duda

from interview 'Timeless modernity'
the brochure Carpathia Office House